Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission

Complaints Handling Procedures

FCCPC, by its mandate, receives and looks into consumer complaints in a bid to ensuring speedy redress for complainants. Any person who uses products or services expects to get value from them. When this expectation is not met, it gives rise to complaints.

In order for FCCPC to address a complaint, the complainant must have initially engaged the provider of services or products. If not satisfied, the complainant can then file a complaint with FCCPC. This may either be in hard copy and delivered to any of our offices or by soft copy through the website portal or email. Please see the tab “About Us” on the home page.

The complaint must clearly state the following:

  1. The party complained against, with the correct address
  2. The amount involved
  3. The expected redress

You should also attach proof of transaction and any other documents to support your claim.

All these will help FCCPC with the process of redress, if a valid complaint is established.

If your complaint was received electronically, you should expect an immediate acknowledgement. If your complaint was received in hard copy, you should expect to get an acknowledgment within 2 working days.

A complaint could be resolved immediately or take much more time depending on the nature of the complaint. Complaints require a response from the provider of products and services which FCCPC will request for. Some require the intervention of other stakeholders such as sector regulators while others do not. While FCCPC is committed to providing speedy redress to valid complaints, the provision of accurate information and documentation makes this easier and reduces the timelines.

It takes anything between one (1) day and forty five days (45) days to get redress. However, some exceptions may exist beyond this timeframe.