Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission

Babatunde Irukera

Director General

Babatunde Irukera is the Director General/Chief Executive Officer, Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC). He is responsible for the daily management of the Council and leadership in fulfilling its mandate to protect consumers and secure remedies when consumer rights are violated. His record of advocacy and cases in favour of consumers is outstanding and provides the clarity that both the Council and industry need in ensuring due regard for customer service and protection of consumer rights.

Babatunde has been in active legal practice for well over two decades. His varied experiences range from being in-house counsel to General Counsel, managing partner in a law firm, and advising senior government officials and key government institutions. Over this diverse career, Babatunde gained considerable experience in transactions, civil rights and commercial litigation, regulatory work, government relations and practice management. This includes over 10 years in the United States engaging in complex litigation and settlements, several jury trials and significant appellate work. He successfully managed the complex multi-jurisdictional transition of firms in the United States and England in establishing a broad-based practice in Nigeria, focusing primarily on public interest litigation to protect society from injurious conduct and unscrupulous behaviour. He routinely conducted oral arguments before the United States Court of Appeals and the Nigerian appellate courts with reported locus classicus that are currently of noteworthy precedential value. His skills in negotiating and deploying appropriate extra judicial resolution strategies in resolving business and other disputes are remarkable and respected.

Babatunde has to his credit key sector related consumer protection advancements including advising the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority with respect to its role in sector consumer protection. He led the initiative in developing current aviation consumer protection regulations as well as the Passenger Bill of Rights. He also led the team that revised existing aviation economic regulations and superintended a comprehensive regulatory and parliamentary investigation into anti-competitive behaviour by foreign airlines. He has also provided capacity-building and advisory services to federal agencies and other clients with respect to competition/antitrust issues. He co-authors the Nigerian chapters in a range of competition/antitrust related widely regarded international publications.

His unique combination of advocacy, commercial practice and reputation provides the required mutual industry/regulatory assurance and balance for a vibrant and robust consumer protection regime that promotes business stability and investment, as well as consumer satisfaction and confidence.

Babatunde was admitted to practice law before the Supreme Court of Nigeria in 1990, and before the Washington State Supreme Court in 1996.