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Federal Competition & Consumer Protection Commission

An official website of the Nigerian Government

Federal Competition & Consumer Protection Commission


When we go to do our shopping, we are usually faced with the problem of what to choose or select from among the numerous variety of products available. Now, this may not readily be easy because these products are all trying to outdo each other in claiming to be either the most suitable, best, cheapest etc.

To crown matters, most of the products are usually accompanied with concentrated promotion campaigns with invented exhibition methods, sales, clearance etc. all these make it all more difficult to detect the substandard or imitated ones to avoid being cheated.

This situation has prompted us to ask ourselves the question:-

What can we do to obtain suitable goods that will suit our needs, preserve our health and safety, and at the same time be of good quality within the limits our budget?


  • Goods should be free from defects.
  • Price should tally with descriptions.
  • Goods must be capable for use for reasonable period and not subject to damage and fragile.
  • Goods should conform with description written on its cover or as portrayed by the seller:-

For example, a shirt labeled “Made of pure cotton” must not be with nylon or wool.  

  • Don’t purchase items without descriptions (Specifications).
  • Items should suit the purpose of use and should be made know to consumers.

For example: if the seller says ‘this tablet cures headache’, it should be so. 


  • Compile a list of your purchases and this will save time and money.
  • Organized shopping is better than random shopping as it minimizes efforts.
  • Discuss your purchase decision with others and this will increase your knowledge.
  • Haggle if and where necessary.
  • Don’t purchase quantities more than you need.
  • Visit more than one shop to compare prices before purchase.
  • Inspect items properly to make sure that they are without defects.
  • Make sure you read the external label of the container, expiry date, contents, price etc.
  • Select the best quality item with the cheapest price.
  • Obtain and read through the receipt after payment to be sure of its contents.
  • Don’t allow kids to purchase your items.


Purchase of services is subject to a group of principles as in the purchase of goods. These services include dry cleaning clothes, renting of cars, tourism and travel, construction, contracting, banking and insurance etc.  

  • The party providing service should carry out its work professionally, as selecting qualified persons guarantee a good service.
  • Make sure duration for provision of service is clearly specified.
  • Make sure you obtain a receipt after making payment for service.
  • Read the receipt carefully to make sure that the conditions of sales are not unfair.
  • Make sure that the party proving the service is providing it as required and agreed on before leaving his premises.
  • Pay the agreed price for the service provided.

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