Federal Competition & Consumer Protection Commission

An Advocacy Campaign of FCCPC

Federal Competition & Consumer
Protection Commission

An Advocacy Campaign of FCCPC

Federal Competition & Consumer Protection Commission

An Advocacy Campaign of FCCPC

Federal Competition & Consumer Protection Commission

Advocacy Campaign

Don’t Burn Their Future: FCCPC Leads Nigeria’s Battle Against Youth Access to Tobacco

Globally, millions fall victim to the harmful consequences of tobacco consumption, leaving a trail of devastation. Nigeria, unfortunately, is no exception, having countless young citizens trapped in the act, with grave implications for their future. This mirrors the urgency behind a nationwide call to action against the perilous consequences of youths’ access to tobacco.

 The Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC), recognizing the alarming rise in youth tobacco use and the health consequences, has launched a nationwide campaign titled “Don’t Burn Their Future” to raise awareness and promote responsible tobacco consumption.

This advocacy campaign aims to effectively curb underage tobacco access by educating all stakeholders involved about the importance of discouraging tobacco use among the youth.

FCCPC is dedicated to reshaping societal norms and cultivating a supportive atmosphere for individuals affected by tobacco use. In pursuit of this goal, the commission has joined forces with Civil Society Organisations (CSOs) specializing in aiding those who aspire to break free from smoking.

 These CSOs will extend counselling services and support to individuals on their journey to quit smoking. FCCPC envisions the establishment of a robust support network for those seeking assistance, fostering a community that embraces a smoke-free environment.

The FCCPC’s “Don’t Burn Their Future”  campaign, with a comprehensive approach that involves smokers, non-smokers, families, and retailers,  makes a significant impact on shaping a healthier future for the nation’s youth. By creating supportive environments and raising public consciousness, together, we can protect our children and safeguard their dreams from going up in smoke.

Retailers, frequently positioned as the custodians of tobacco access, are urged to embrace a transformative role as change agents. Empowered through training and active participation, they will verify age diligently, strictly adhering to established restrictions. The FCCPC envisions a ripple effect, aspiring to mold retailers into staunch guardians of a future free from the clutches of smoke.

 Silence is no longer an option; it’s time to speak up and take decisive action. FCCPC together with its partners form a united front, advocating for the well-being of our youth and the creation of a healthier society.

In this battle, the FCCPC is not just an organisation; it’s a beacon of hope, igniting the flames of dreams that will illuminate the path to a brighter, tobacco-free future for millions of Nigerian youths.

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