Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission

Surveillance and Enforcement (S&E) Department

The Surveillance and Enforcement Department is a key operational unit of the Council. The department hosts and manages the complaint resolution function of the Council; and the surveillance and enforcement activities of the Council. In resolving complaints, the department participates in simple resolutions, negotiations, mediations, conciliations and investigations. As part of the outcome of complaint resolution, beyond modifying behaviour, the department, on behalf of the Council, secures remedies for consumers including compensation, repair, replacement or restitution, where applicable.

The department’s monitoring activities extend to ensuring that providers and producers do not engage in misleading advertisement, and make appropriate and sufficient disclosures. Sales promotion continue to be a tricky area, raising the question of transparency and disclosures. The department is responsible for assessing and approving promotions, and evaluating conduct during and after the promotion, or when consumers complain. The department leads the Council’s effort in monitoring and reporting market trends, and is responsible for input into key publications and orders of the Council such as, banned products list, product recalls, where applicable, and compliance with international and domestic disclosure and warning standards and regulations.

Some of the undercover and sting operations of the department have resulted in seizure and confiscation of otherwise hazardous or substandard goods, and prevented others from entering the stream of trade. The key interface between operational departments and other regulators is the Surveillance and Enforcement Department.